Application Development

Ideation and Strategy

Here we take your idea, whatever it may be, long or short, for a wild ride. We toss it up, look at it backwards and upside down to make sure it is something we are convinced about. We try to poke as many holes as we can and ask you a whole load of questions. We work with you to flesh out and build up a clear cut plan of what this app is all about. It pokes into all the nooks and crannies of the app and becomes the point of reference for our designers and developers.

Design @ Hatch

When it comes to design we let our creative juices flow. We are hands on, we are nitpicky and we are on a mission to create a user experience that brings delight and inspires awe be it in the way a page transitions or in the way a device is switched on. It is all in the details and every teeny tiny pixel is what makes the big picture.

“Using something with superior design form is as close to magic as we have come and that is the kind of experience we strive to create for all that comes out of Hatch’s design lab”

Our aesthetic that includes clean lines, symmetric shapes and handpicked color palates are some of the pillars of our design lab. In the current market, the importance of design cannot be emphasized enough. In a crowded marketplace with myriad options, it is the only way to stand out and create or maintain an edge. It will allow you to develop or strengthen your brand and the way it is perceived by your customer.

Internet of Things


What is the purpose of this device? What is the problem we are seeking to solve? What is the best way to go about it? These are some of the many questions we will be asking and answering with you at this stage. Using these answers, we will formulate a strategy map for the product starting from how the device will function, what the accompanying app will do and how it will unfold, the market we aim to target, basically the whole works.