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Why School of Code?

Because, Code is everything.

Don’t believe us, picture your average day: You wake up to the alarm on your smart phone that recognizes your sleep patterns, your light turns on simultaneously (it is linked to the alarm, of course). You reach out for your phone and ask it to read out your emails and then request it play some soft jazz as you get ready to take on the day. This is 5 minutes in to your day; start thinking about how much our lives are driven by technology from the maps you use, to the smart television to the fridge that tells you your running low on milk to thermostat that adjusts your room temperature to the device that drops your dog a treat when you are 500 kms away, all with the tap of a button.

All this is possible only through code. And this is today’s reality. Can you even fathom the importance of code tomorrow? Code can be your pen, your paintbrush or your piano, or whatever else you want it to be. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

Coding is the tool that can help you create and conquer. This is why code is THE most important language on earth. This is why equipping your child with coding skills is no longer an option but an essential in his/her skill set. Which is why we want you to learn code with us. It’s simple and all it requires is a dose of logic.